Dear Visitor:

Welcome! This is a place to read and comment on some of my homilies and to read my views on homiletics and pastoral care.

In general, I will be posting homilies delivered at funerals and memorial services because that’s the focus of my chaplaincy ministry, although I do officiate at marriages, baptisms, and by arrangement I do hospital and nursing home visitations and chaplaincy.

My chaplaincy ministry is interfaith. This means that I serve a broad spectrum of faith and belief traditions and as a result I am culturally diverse in my practice.

All of my services are personalized with very close consultation with the family and significant involvement of family and friends in the celebration.

All of this should become obvious once you start reading this blog.

Most of the posts will be my homilies with a short introduction followed by the homily. The other type of post will be an Editor’s Opportunity or “EdOp”, which is an article by me on a particular topic in homiletics. Otherwise, you’ll find readers’ comments. Pretty simple.

I welcome your comments and critiques, so don’t be hesitant about sharing your thoughts with me and my readers.

Thank you for your visit!

Peace and blessings!

Chaplain Harold


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